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It’s morning time. The alarm goes off. I feel the ache in my jaw just like every other morning. This has been going on for decades off and on, but now it happens every day. They call it bruxism, although I don’t know exactly what I’m doing while asleep.

I’ve tried many things over the years: nightguards, medications, relaxation, massage, tapping, hypnosis, supplements, etc. Nothing seems to work. I usually give up after a week when my new “solution” fails.

It’s time to put my intentions out into the universe that I want to overcome this. I also want to hold myself accountable by documenting everything.

Once I tackle the jaw issues, I’ll move on to another goal, but bruxism is the issue that’s been with me the longest. I still have a lot more issues to tackle.

I’m hoping that my visitors can learn from my discoveries and also give me advice as well. Join me in these Days of Change.

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